Ray grew up in a small New England town. He was always a bit of a daydreamer and creative work has been his passion for as long as he can recall. Ray's music is an eclectic mix of singer-songwriter acoustic riffs, poppy melodies, juicy beats, and an element of style unique to itself. Growing up he had been introduced to a wide range of musical genres, with classic and modern rock being some favorites.

His song making career began with singing and toying around with the acoustic guitar. As he developed further he started to focus on composition and worked to bring other musical elements into his craft. Music has a lot to do with expression and how it translates into making someone feel. It's with this in mind that he tries to convey what he envisions a song's essence to be. It's all about experiencing a unique realm and music is one thing that can help to take us there. Well thanks very much for listening and as always, rock on.