That Sweet RaRa

This is a monthly podcast hosted by Ray that will be released on the 28th of each month. Our debut episode was test-launched last August and we're excited to be releasing new monthly shows starting in May of 2018. Each show has a unique theme and we talk about interesting topics such as culture, technology, entertainment, the arts, and world happenings. We'll also have some great special guests and fun surprises too. It'll be a lot of fun to explore these issues together so we hope that you'll join us by listening.

The podcast can be found on this website as well as iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, and other audio streaming services. If you have a comment, suggestion, question, or idea for our show please use the form on the "Connect" page to let us know (just click "Podcast" as the reason for contact). Thanks for listening and let's have some fun!





Show 2: Let's Get Political! - May 28, 2018

For our second show we will be talking about the compelling history of political systems, how types of governments differ around the world, and some current issues that we face in our own time. This will be a fun one and we'll have a few surprises throughout the show as well!